Health Benefits of Clean Carpets in Your Home

A neat, clean carpet adds an element of sophistication to your home, making the room appear more organized and aesthetically appealing.

Ever wondered how a clean carpet affects your health? This blog will discuss the health benefits of clean carpets, elaborating on how getting yours cleaned professionally can boost your overall wellness.

It Prevents Mold Growth

Dirty and damp carpets can act as the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. There is a high risk of carpets fostering unhealthy mold growths underneath their surfaces in areas with increased humidity. Likewise, if your carpet is exposed to excessive moisture, it can also encourage mold growth. For example, if there are potted plants placed near the carpet, the water dripping from them may seep through the carpet. Similarly, surfaces that don’t get enough airflow such as those around/under large furniture can also trap moisture.

Research has shown that mold growth can be even more harmful to our health than cigarette smoke. It can cause the formation of spores on the lungs, which may then lead to a number of other complications, including respiratory diseases. This is why it’s especially important for you to have your carpets professionally cleaned if your home environment is likely to stimulate mold growth.

It Improves Indoor Air Quality

Dirty carpets infested with dust and dirt also affect the indoor air quality of your home. The contaminants may get trapped deep within the carpet fibers or on the upper surface, making their removal difficult. As a result, the indoor air also gets contaminated by those pollutants.

Deteriorated indoor air quality can lead to breathing difficulties, allergies, and other health issues. Individuals who already suffer from conditions such as asthma or dust allergies may find it extremely difficult to breathe inside their own homes. Carpet cleaning provides them with a healthy indoor environment.

It Removes Toxic Particles

Dust and dirt aren’t the only pollutants that tend to get trapped in the carpets. Other particles such as lead, pet excrements, and cockroach allergens are also likely to get stuck within the carpet fibers. These can be toxic for your health and need to be eliminated from the carpet surfaces as quickly as possible. With a clean carpet, you needn’t worry about toxic and harmful particles getting trapped within your carpets. A Action Steamer provides carpet cleaning services and pet odor treatment in Clarksville, TN and Oak Grove, KY. Get in touch with our residential carpet cleaning company for more details!

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