How to Care for Your Upholstered Furniture Properly

Do you have a favorite chair at your home you like to sit lazily in while you read? Did you just buy a brand new couch for your living room? Make sure you’re taking good care of your upholstered furniture with these maintenance tips.

Avoid Exposure to Direct Sunlight

When you’re decorating your living room or another part of your home where you’re planning on keeping upholstered furniture, make sure that the area doesn’t receive too much sunlight. Upholstery is typically made of either leather or fine fabric, both of which are sensitive materials. If they receive prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, they’re likely to get damaged because of the UV rays.

If you have large windows in the room, use drapery liners or curtains to keep sunlight out. This doesn’t mean you have to keep the curtains closed all day long. Just make sure the furniture isn’t being exposed to direct rays throughout the day. Alternatively, you can reposition your couch or furniture in a way that it’s no longer facing the direction of the sunlight.

Vacuum Regularly

Remember how Monica would rigorously vacuum her couch using a small vacuum cleaner in Friends? You should make a habit of doing this too to keep your upholstered furniture free from dust and dirt.

We typically sweep off the dust from floors, wooden furniture, shelves, and other surfaces when cleaning up our apartments. However, the upholstered furniture is often ignored in the process. Consequently, the dust and dirt accumulate on the fabric surface and settles deep within the fiber, making it appear shabby. It also causes the fabric to wear out more quickly.

The next time you clean your apartment, don’t forget to vacuum your couch, sofas, stools, and any other upholstered furniture you have in your home to keep away the dirt!

Get It Professionally Cleaned

As important as it is to frequently vacuum your furniture, it doesn’t really compare with professional upholstery cleaning services. For the best maintenance results, you should have your upholstered furniture steam cleaned professionally at least once a year.

Through this deep cleaning process, you’ll be able to achieve a level of cleanliness and care that vacuuming alone can’t do. It’ll allow you to get rid of the most stubborn stains and smudges, leaving your furniture looking spotless and more vibrant.

Don’t wait for your upholstered furniture to be covered in multiple food spills or stains to avail upholstery cleaning services. Get in touch with our local carpet cleaning company today for upholstery and carpet cleaning services. A Action Steamer serves Clarksville, TN and Oak Grove, KY.

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