Revamp Your Living Room with These Home Improvement Ideas

Your living room is the focal point in your home. It’s where you spend most of your time relaxing, huddle in for an evening snack, and invite your guests to make themselves at home.

Are you bored with the way your living room currently looks? Do you want to spruce things up and give it a makeover? Here are a few ideas for you. 

Paint the Walls

Why settle for boring, monochrome walls when you can add a splash of color? Painting one or more walls and adopting a brand-new color scheme can make all the difference.

If you’re confused about the color scheme and don’t know what color palette to choose, start by examining your existing furniture. What colors are your sofa and the coffee table? Do you have a standing lamp you’ll keep in the space? Is shelving part of your living room?

It’s easier to choose a color scheme based on existing items as it allows you to incorporate all your furniture and embellishments perfectly. Instead of painting the main wall navy blue and realizing that none of your furniture matches it, take a look at the items you already have and narrow down your palette options based on those.

Accessorize Your Space

You know what they say; empty walls indicate an incomplete room. No, you don’t have to cover every inch of each of your walls with something, but hey, it doesn’t hurt to put up a few things here and there! For instance, you can insert shelves on the wall your couch is pushed against, or add a colorful painting above it. Similarly, if a wall looks too blank and empty, you can turn it into a photo wall and put up your favorite family photos.

Wall hangings and add-ons aren’t the only things you can use to accessorize your space. Once you’ve arranged your furniture, television set, and other major items, see what else the room can benefit from. A colorful rug, a cotton throw for the couch, floor cushions, and indoor plants are all viable accessorizing options.

Add a Carpet

Add a Carpet

Who says you need to have tiles or wooden laminates to make your living room gorgeous? You can also achieve a neat and sophisticated look for your room by adding a carpet. 

With several textures and styles to choose from, carpets are the perfect modern designing tool. Not only will you be saving yourself the hassle of floor renovations, but will also adding a floor seating option to your room.

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